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Salisbury Award Winners

A Special Thank You to Warner and Mary Fletcher

The following video tribute to Salisbury Award recipients Warner and Mary Fletcher was originally presented at the Salisbury Society Gala on June 1, 2012. Prior to the viewing, Director Matthias Waschek recounted the many ways the Fletchers have been financial and volunteer supporters of the Museum - in particular, Warner's 5 years as Treasurer and 18 years on the Board of Trustees and Mary's 9 years as a skillful and talented arranger for Flora in Winter.

Mary and Warner join the distinguished list of Salisbury Award winners who have shown outstanding service and philanthropy to the Museum:

  • 1992 – Helen E. Stoddard
  • 1993 – Barbara Allen Booth
  • 1994 – Chapin Riley
  • 1995 – C. Jean and Myles McDonough
  • 1996 – Donald R. Melville
  • 1999 – I. Robert and Aviva Freelander
  • 2001 – James N. Heald 2nd
  • 2003 – John M. Nelson
  • 2008 – Nancy Murray Morgan
  • 2011 – John and Marianne Jeppson
  • 2012 – Warner and Mary Fletcher